Sonntag, 15. November 2009

Swedish light´s and delights

After my previous experience, I expected beautiful lakes but not beers when holidaying in Sweden this summer. I also already knew that I had to look for energy-inefficient and nasty tasting cans when searching for organic brews in the local shops. So, I was delighted when I found Ekholmen Ekologiska Ale - a Swedish organic beer in a real glass bottle! Sadly, the beer isn´t as great as the packaging. It´s a mild ale and easy enough to swallow down. But it lacks distinction and almost tastes like a wanna-be Pilsner that didn´t quite make it. A bitterness lingers in the mouth, but there is no kick to it at all. Shockingly, therefore, I found the beers in cans (and from the brewing giants, as it turns out) better this time. - While the best thing about Krönleins green eko lager is it´s name, both it´s 2,8 and 3,5% versions are more exciting to drink than Halmstad - the place where it is brewed - is to strawl through. Krönleins is a family-owned brewery, though - and in the one local restaurant we tried in Halmstad, it was on tap. All that is commendable - and the beer is a good enough light accompaniement to a meal. - Better, though, are the Falcon Ekologisk series of beers, even though, yes, they are brewed by that purveyor of mediocrity: Carlsberg .... Their 3,5% Premium Lager is as good as you can expect a far too light beer to get. The 5,7% Special Brew version certainly tastes a lot better than normal Carlsberg. It´s probably meant to appear "heavy" and a little bitter. To my German palate, it therefore tastes like a real Pilsner. Not a brilliant one. But a perfectly drinkable one - especially with a stunning view of a lake ... - My Swedish favourite, though, is also from a giant. While I really didn´t like ABRO´s light organic beer, their "Starköl" Sigill is - by Swedish standards, at least ;-) - a real delight. It goes down smoothly, but has enough bitterness to not be bland, but Pils. I wouldn´t exactly import it, but I do wish I had found it earlier during our holiday. Next time, it´s the first time I will have when back in Sweden! Skål!