Freitag, 23. November 2007

No cranberry, no bullshit ;-)

This site is not about advertising, least of all beer. But if I were to advertise beer it - obviously - would have to be organic. I would recommend some of my all time favourites, such as Neumarkter Lammsbraeu or Golden Promise. Nonetheless, I have to give credit where credit is due. And Pilsner's response to the yuppification of beer deserves a big cheer - not least because it made me laugh out loud (sorry to my fellow U-Bahn passengers). I am not against trying weird stuff with beer. Some North American micro-breweries, in particular, create some amazing tastes - that I may not necessarily call 'beer' tastes - but that are nonetheless a worthwhile challenge to human taste buds. But all that lager with sweet tastes added? The Beck's Lemon of this world? They are disgusting. They deserve derision. They deserves this add campaign: No lemon, no cranberry, no bullshit!

Montag, 12. November 2007

North Coast Brewing not much to Berlin taste, sorry

The Fort Bragg where the North Coast Brewing company is located is no doubt a far cry from the Fort Bragg, North Carolina, where the U.S. military used to run a counterinsurgency school, training people in all sorts of evils. Their beers make a much better export, for sure, than torture. That said, I am not so sure these beers were worth dragging around New York all day after buying them in the Village in September. I have to confess, that I remembered how my back hurt that night with every sip I took. To be fair: It is not that they are badly produced. My criticism is more to do with snobbery, I guess. The Cru D'Or, for example, is the kind of heavy, strong (8%) beer, that I only really like when it is an original Chimay (of which I drank far too much when I had passed my Logic exam at university. But that's a different story ...). With this Cru, I never got over the label "Belgian style". Well, indeed. Belgian-style but, er, not Belgian. Not special, just heavy. Not exquisite, just ok. - The same can be said of the Old Plowshare stout. Again, I freely confess that stout is not my favourite kind of beer in the first place. I also confess that I had not had a good day when I drank it. But I also know that a good beer can lift my mood. A special taste on my tongue can make my eyes glint with joy. This time, it wasn't to be. The stout made me think of Scotland. A vague memory of a similar taste in some wee pub on the east coast came to mind. That was all pleasant enough. But nothing special - again.